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Life Guards Pennant.

Our Pennants are handmade / machined to the highest specification, made in the United Kingdom.

The size of the pennant is :-

•Not including the fringe is 15cm X 22cm Approx.

•With the Fringe it is 21cm X 24cm Approx.

•The size of the badge is 8.5cm X 12.5cm Approx.

The badge is slightly padded to make this an outstanding item.
The badge is embroidered from Gold bullion wire,

It is mounted on a Gold chromed rod with firing pin ends.

It can be hung via a Gold  Bullion wire rope with tasselled ends

The rope is attached to the chrome rod and is fully adjustable.

As these are handmade / machined item there may be a slight variant in colours shades and size of the badge,

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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